Clarks Hotel Image Brogues

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Here’s my new brogues I purchased from Clarks a few days ago!!!

 I’ve walked passed Clarks shop window many times and was very tempted to try these little beauties,  I did just that and now there attached to my feet like slippers.

As I’m a little on the short side I did think they wouldn’t suit me but there fab and I love them. There my first ever pair of brogues and I’m a little worried ill have nothing to wear with them. So I will be blogging away looking for ideas!!
They do fit perfectly (like a glove) and look stylish with chinos and skinny jeans. There very comfortable, I have never slipped a pair of shoes on which feel so good, I’m a size 5 and they fit just fine. I’ve only ever ventured into Clarks for children’s shoes and in the last few months I’ve noticed they stock some quite stylish footwear.  There really well made and come in 3 different colours cotton, mushroom & navy. I paid £65.00 which I think is very reasonable for a well made pair of brogues. These will get me through the spring and summer and I’m sure I’ll have some pics to show you my shoe/outfit combination soon- watch this space!

You can purchase these online

Happy Shopping







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