Hi I’m Gemma and I’ve been wanting my own blog for some time now!

I love blogs and reading other peoples finds and experiences so I thought why not try my own.

I’ve experienced many a job my main one being a Beauty Therapist, I’ve also dabbled in Photography and Floristry and im currently an accounts manager (boring).

Beauty products and photography are always something I get excited about and I love to tell people when I’ve found something fab!

I’m a serial product buyer and im always on the look out for the next big things.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me but I must warn you I’m no writer so if theres mistakes or its not punctually correct please don’t hold it against me!!!!



Not everything I blog about will be to your taste or likes so please try before you buy.

I’m sometimes sent products to try out if I love them ill let you know,

but I don’t want to be Mrs negative so any I don’t like will not be mentioned!

I love beauty and although im a qualified beauty therapist im not an expert on everything I blog.

Please enjoy my reviews and experiences as this is my hobby and something just for me in my spare time.

Please email me any requests for products you would like me to blog about




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